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The RMCA (Royal Museum for Central Africa – or Koninklijk Museum voor Midden Afrika) in Tervuren is one of Belgium’s most popular museums. Besides that it is also one of Belgium’s eleven Federal Scientific Institutions. Not only does it contain one of the world’s richest collections of Central African etnographical artifacts, but also the complete Henry Morton Stanley archives.  But it offers even more…

Initially the museum was part of the 1897 World Exposition which was held in Brussels. After the expo it was decided that the museum should have a permanent character and it was named the ‘Musée du Congo’. It was also decided then that it should not only be a mere museum but fulfill a more scientific function.

The driving force behind the whole project was King Leopold II and as the collections grew and grew, he decided in 1902 that a larger museum should be built, the result of which is the current museum.

But there is more. The museum is set in one of the most beautiful parks in the Brussels area. In front of the museum there is a large charming French garden which expands into a huge park. So if you need a moment to clear your head rather than stuff it with knowledge, the KMMA is the place to go.

To visit the RMCA’s official website, click here

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  1. Great suggestion for a cool place to visit! Thanks for the recommendation.
    I just mentioned your site on Twitter.

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